My body, this hero by Marine Evrard Gorski, sophrologist

We women are the first to be demanding with him, to perceive him as "too much" or "not enough": too big thighs, too small breasts, not enough legs, too big head ... Often we devalue him, often we do not take care of it on a daily basis… and consciously or unconsciously, we do not always listen to it, we do not detect the messages it sends us… or do not wish to hear them.

We tend to forget that our body is not a machine but the one that supports us on a daily basis, which allows us to live our life, this life so intense, so fast: it is thanks to it that we all get up. mornings, that we walk, that we laugh, that we eat, that we give life ...

The relationship with the body has evolved enormously and today we have the possibility and make the choice to discover it, to respect it or, on the contrary, to ignore it.

When this positive connection is made, the body gives us such power, such energy ... and everything aligns perfectly.

But sometimes, by choice or by constraint, our body ignores us, does not respond, lets go. This disconnection that we feel has its origin in certain trials of life ... trials that damaged him, which established a complicated, complex relationship with him ... sometimes even a context of hatred, anger or sadness.

When I ask certain women in consultation for their perception of their body, far too many still do not know how to answer me.

Either because they have never asked themselves the question, or because the reflection they see does not suit them: wanting another woman's breasts, her buttocks, her legs… in this process of comparison, this is not the case. t is not only the perception of our body that is called into question… but also the perception that we have of ourselves, as a woman!

A woman with a bad body will be a bad head: our body is our base, our pillar, our foundation. It is therefore not uncommon to observe stomach aches, headaches or gynecological concerns when the body is not heard, is not understood, is not respected.

Respecting, admiring, esteeming your body ... is respecting yourself, admiring yourself and esteeming yourself.

The more we listen to our body, the more we learn to discover it and the more our body and mind balance will be established. .. that harmony he needs to fully exist.

Today, I suggest you go and meet your body ... listen to it. Each evil corresponds to an emotion. Each ailment corresponds to a request for help from our body. Our body knows how to react, knows how to express itself ... so listen to it.

You can make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Become aware of each of your points of support, of your posture, of the presence of your body on your support.

Then take for a few moments awareness of your breathing, of your body rising and lifting to the rhythm of your breathing.

Now take a few moments to listen to your body ... become aware of each part of your body ... the muscular sensations you feel ... if you feel certain tensions, ask yourself, without judging, where do these tensions come from? A feeling ? A situation ? Without judging yourself, observe the messages your body sends you ...

Then, in this state of connection with each of your feelings, take the time to write a letter to your body: tell it what you feel when you look at it in a mirror, when you touch it ... talk to it as if you were talking to a friend in all kindness. Take the time to tell him everything you love about him, even if it's just your face, your eyes or your arms it's a great start ... be aware of what appeals to you about yourself. Tell him too what you value less and why ... take the time to communicate with this body that supports you in your everyday life and make him a promise ... to take care of him.

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