Beauty Oil Combination And Oily Skin


100% anti-imperfection active ingredients (acne, blackheads, scars) for combination and oily skin. This organic oil regulates the sebaceous gland, promotes healing and purifies the skin while providing it with the hydration it needs.

CHO Nature Convention
UK 6 8 10 12
USA 4 6 8 10
FRA 36 38 40 42
Waist (cm) 64 68 72 76
Chest (cm) 81 85 89 93
Seat (cm) 89 93 97 101
Inseam (cm) 81 82 83 84

23.5 6 39 5
24.1 6.5 39.5 5.5
24.8 7.5 40 6
10 25.4 8 41 7
10¼ 25.7 8.5 41.5 7.5
10½ 26 9 42 8
10¾ 27.3 9.5 42.5 9.5


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Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Why an oil for combination to oily skin? To be able to regulate the sebaceous gland and treat your skin gently, without it feeling attacked.

Find a matified, smooth skin, a finer skin texture. We have selected fine, light vegetable oils that penetrate the skin very quickly and do not leave a greasy film. Nigella vegetable oil (black cumin) has many virtues, and it is its purifying action that interests us. Jojoba oil, which has the same molecular composition as the skin's sebum, is our best ally in being able to gently treat and hydrate the skin. Ho wood essential oil, identical to its counterpart rosewood essential oil, is rich in linalool, to regenerate and purify the skin. The essential oil of tea tree sanitizes your skin.

A synergy of vegetable oils and essential oils selected for your skin type, 100% active to fight against imperfections and hydrate your skin.

This oil is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Volume: 30 mL

Jojoba oil  was discovered in the 18th century and was used by the Native Indians of California. Its composition is very similar to that of human sebum. Jojoba oil is renowned for its nourishing, moisturizing and softening properties. It is an excellent anti-wrinkle product.

Hazelnut oil is a softening agent and slightly astringent. It acts on skin elasticity.

Tamanu oil (callophyllum) : known as 'The Oil of a Thousand Virtues’, tamanu oil acts as a vein stimulant and anti-inflammatory and is therefore excellent for treating puffy eyelids and dark circles under the eyes.

Nigella oil is known as Kalonji oil in traditional Ayurvedic medicine from India. We use it for its healing and revitalizing properties.

Vitamin E is a recognized antioxidant, helps to delay skin ageing and ensures the stability of cellular structures.

Ho Wood essential oil : also known as Shiu essential oil, and originally from China, Ho Wood gives an effective essential oil with excellent skin tolerance. It is an active cellular regenerator which firms and purifies the skin, promoting suppleness. Ho Wood essential oil also has astringent and anti-wrinkle properties.

Palmarosa essential oil : this flower was once known as ‘Indian Geranium’. Palmarosa essential oil helps stimulate the circulation. It is astringent and moisturizing, an effective cellular stimulant and skin toner.<

Tea Tree essential oil is very well known for its antiseptic properties in traditional Australian bush medicine.

Geranium essential oil was selected for its healing action. It also serves to boost the effects of other essential oils and has a pleasant fragrance. Geranium essential oil is widely used in cosmetics, notably for its cellular regenerative (anti-wrinkle) properties and its beneficial effect on acne and spots.


*Ingrédient issu de l’agriculture biologique / produced by organic farming according to EU regulations.

**Dérivés des huiles essentielles / derivatives from essential oil

SENSE : Place some drops of oil on your fingers, rub the fingers of both hands together to warm the oil slightly and inhale the fragrance deeply.

NOURRISH / COMMUNICATE : Apply the oil to your face using both hands. Your palms should be fully in contact with your face. Gently press your hands to your skin. Pamper yourself.

SENSE : finish by inhaling the fragrance from your palms. Our formulations and methods are designed to optimize their effectiveness on physical and mental wellbeing. Wait for one minute before applying your cream.

Il est si tard...Charles GUERIN

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