Sensitive Skin Ritual

The skin is composed of several layers of overlaid tissues, which constitute a barrier to the environment. The epidermis is the first shield against external aggressions. When the epidermis is deficient, the skin is weakened and develops its defense mechanisms. Every action is then experienced as an aggression. This is a reactive skin, usually named “sensitive skin”.  

We recognize a sensitive skin as it is uncomfortable and reacts to every contact with external factors. Hence, the skin tends to tight, itch, turn red and heat.

Sensitive skins can be as thin skins as thicker skins but most of the time they are thin and pale.

Several external factors make it worse:

  • Climate : cold, heat, humidity, dry environment
  • Polluting agents : gas, cigarette smoke
  • Sun exposure with no protection
  • Irritating cosmetics

How reducing the skin reactivity ?

By three magic words: moisturize, nourish and calm ! Simple gestures can help a lot :

  • Protect the skin against climate condition (sun, heat, cold)
  • Avoid polluted spaces
  • Do not smoke
  • Eat healthy food rich in omega 3 and 6
  • Drink 1,5L of water per day
  • Moisturize the skin with gentle cosmetics several times a day, if needed.

The CHO ritual for sensitive skin :