Make-up removal with CHO Nature

It's no longer a secret, removing makeup is step number 1 of any beauty routine.

If you want to take care of your skin, you must first of all free it from everything that obstructs it (make-up, sebum, pollution, dust, etc.) so that the elements you want to provide it (hydration, nutrition, regulation) , protection, etc.) actually come into contact with it and can therefore be effective.

This is a very important step that it is best to avoid skipping, especially out of “laziness” or “fatigue”?

So, when developing our make-up removers, we said to ourselves that, above all else, we had to make you WANT to remove your make-up at all costs.

  • So that even if you come home at 4 a.m., you don't go to bed without removing your makeup.
  • So that if you have had a bad day and all you want to do is take refuge under the duvet, you will still take the time to remove your makeup.

For what ? Because you will know that it will make you happy and relax you (and otherwise you will regret it tomorrow?). And yes, it’s not just about well-being, it’s above all useful!

We therefore also wanted these make-up removers to be effective in removing make-up and cleansing the skin and to really take care of it. They are more than good makeup removers, they are also treatments.

This is why we call them make-up removing treatment oil and make-up removing treatment milk!

So we invite you to discover them here !

Cleansing oil

Effectiveness, softness and sensoriality.

This cleansing oil has it all: it gently removes all types of makeup (face and eyes), it moisturizes, it rinses off completely with water and it is suitable for all skin types. Its smell and texture are enveloping and soothing. Is the skin clear, clean and soft afterwards?

You can use it alone or with a floral mist to perfect makeup removal and remove traces of limescale.

To watch a tutorial on using makeup remover treatment oil, click here


Make-up remover treatment milk

Softness, freshness and hydration.

The make-up remover treatment milk allows for very gentle make-up removal and cleansing. Thanks to its ester-free composition, it is particularly recommended for sensitive skin and with tea tree essential oil, combination and oily skin love it.

You will love its citrus scent of lemon grass. You can use it alone or with a floral mist to perfect makeup removal and remove traces of limescale.

NB: all our care products are developed and manufactured in our laboratory (CHO Lab) in Grasse, they are organic and natural, labeled by Cosmébio, and respect your body and the environment.

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