What is the aromatherapy ?

Essential oils can cure many of our woes, they can be used to strengthen the immune system for example. Aromatherapy can take many forms. You can take essential oils orally, in diffusion and through the skin.

Widely used in cosmetics and more particularly in natural cosmetics, they are powerful active ingredients which have many virtues and can replace certain chemical components. They originate from different plants and different parts of these plants (bark, branches, flowers, leaves). Contrary to what its name suggests, essential oil is not oil itself, but the essence of plants obtained, in general, through a process of steam distillation. If you have not had the opportunity to do so yet, I invite you to compare essential oil to vegetable oil, you will see that the texture is not at all the same. For essential oil, we have something much more liquid. This distillation technique keeps a high concentration and thus all the power and the virtues of the distilled vegetable. It is for this reason that it is necessary to act with caution when using these ingredients. Few essential oils can be used pure on the skin. It is therefore highly recommended to mix them in your cream or with vegetable oil. At CHO we combine essential oils and vegetable oils to create an effective synergy that respects your skin.

We like to use essential oils because they are powerful active ingredients that have different virtues. It is important to choose them pure and of quality to optimize their benefits. In fact, the benefits generated by their use will depend on the chemical composition of the product. The latter is influenced by geography, production, harvesting and distillation conditions. For example, tea tree essential oil, made from the leaves of tea trees, is known for its purifying properties. It is for this reason that we use it in our beauty oil for combination and oily skin. It is ideal for cleaning your skin thoroughly and thus preventing impurities from accumulating and giving rise to pimples.

Here is the list of essential oils used by the CHO Nature brand and their uses:

- The essential oil of Ho wood promotes cell regeneration, it will provide a softening and astringent side

- German chamomile essential oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory that will help reduce puffiness

- Roman chamomile essential oil will soothe irritated skin

- Carrot essential oil is a powerful anti-wrinkle, revitalizing and regenerating

- The essential oil of magnolia oil brings soothing and serenity

- Geranium essential oil will help your skin heal

- Immortelle essential oil improves blood circulation and scarring of the skin

- The essential oil of fine lavender has calming properties

- Lemon grass essential oil is an effective tonic in addition to having anti-inflammatory effects

- Neroli essential oil is the most soothing and calming essential oil of all

- Palma Rosa essential oil stimulates blood circulation and deeply hydrates the skin

- Patchouli essential oil is a cell regenerator

- Bigarade petit grain essential oil is a skin regenerating substance that harmonizes, calms and relaxes

- The essential oil of Damascus rose recommended for delicate and sensitive skin fights the signs of aging thanks to its action on micro-circulation

- The essential oil of tea tree is purifying and removes impurities in depth

- The essential oil of Ylang-ylang is rebalancing. Its smell has anti-stress and soothing effects

As we have seen, essential oils are a therapy for your skin. However, we have yet to talk about the benefits that its active ingredients can have on the mind. Thanks to their scent, essential oils can create atmospheres, atmospheres and act on your mind (we speak of the psychic sphere). For example, fine lavender essential oil can be used for relaxation and anti-stress. So that you can benefit from all the benefits of the products, we suggest that you complete your routine with “the CHO gesture”.

Thus, aromatherapy is very present in our brand. This is why we aim to create quality cosmetics that will care for and protect your skin while creating an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.

Some of you may be suspicious of the use of essential oils in cosmetics. Indeed, they are often accused of containing allergens, of being irritating or no-cive for pregnant women and / or babies. However, all cosmetics containing essential oils are not affected by these negative effects. The irritating aspect of a treatment will depend in particular on its concentration of essential oils. A toxicologist from outside the company studies this characteristic on all CHO products. The results showed that the majority of our products are "not at all irritating" alone, a few are "slightly irritating". The toxicologist also assesses in the laboratory, in vitro, the possible harmfulness of the products for pregnant women and babies (possibly) according to several parameters (its dosage, the nature of the essential oil, its frequency of use, etc.) . Only 4 brand products are not recommended for pregnant women (nourishing and soothing evening cream, beauty oil for combination and oily skin, beauty oil for mature skin, beauty oil after sun). As for allergens, they are indicated in the INCI of the product.

NB: Patchouli essential oil contains no allergens and therefore no harmful effects.
NB²: No test is carried out on animals

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