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For skins that begin to dehydrate, lack tonicity, tarnish, refine or have a cardboard effect. The wrinkles are here. Our oil has a triple mission: to reduce the loss of water, to nourish and to soften the skin to regain the comfort of a more supple skin.

This oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

This product is 100% natural.

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Offer exceptional skin care that starts to dehydrate, tone, tarnish, shine or have a cardboard effect. The wrinkles are here. Our oil has a triple mission: to reduce the loss of water, to nourish and to soften the skin to regain the comfort of a more supple skin.  Argan vegetable oil is renowned for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties. Its antioxidant power deeply compensates the undernutrition of the skin. We also retained the essential oil of carrot for its virtues anti-pigmentary and anti-couperose, well useful for the mature skins. 

In total, 4 vegetable oils and 5 essential oils for a smooth and radiant skin. 

This product is 100% natural. 

This oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Capacity: 30 ml

    • Hemp oil : Hemp oil is the most efficient and complete of the natural oils used in cosmetics. It moisturizes skin, promotes suppleness and fights ageing. Hemp oil helps maintain an even skin tone and reduces redness.
    • Argan oil : Known as ‘The Oil of 100 Virtues’, argan oil is a true beauty elixir. Berber women have passed down this beauty secret and its capabilities from generation to generation. Argan oil is ideal for combating skin dryness. It softens the epidermis and helps prevent skin ageing caused by extreme weather conditions (sun, wind, cold, etc.)
    • Evening primrose oil : Evening primrose oil is known for its effectiveness on female well-being, as it plays a role in helping to restore women’s hormonal balance. It can help prevent skin ageing, and has recognized softening, enhancing and revitalizing properties.
    • Jojoba oil was discovered in the 18th century and was used by the Native Indians of California. Its composition is very similar to that of human sebum. Jojoba oil is renowned for its nourishing, moisturizing and softening properties. It is an excellent anti-wrinkle product.
    • Vitamin E is a recognized antioxidant, helps to delay skin ageing and ensures the stability of cellular structures.
    • Carrot essential oil: A well known ingredient in ancient Greece and Rome, carrot essential oil is a revitalizing and regenerating anti-wrinkle product, suitable for all skin types.
    • Ho Wood essential oil : Also known as Shiu essential oil, and originally from China, Ho Wood gives an effective essential oil with excellent skin tolerance. It is an active cellular regenerator which firms and purifies the skin, promoting suppleness. Ho Wood essential oil also has astringent and anti-wrinkle properties.
    • Palmarosa essential oil : This flower was once known as ‘Indian Geranium’. Palmarosa essential oil helps stimulate the circulation. It is astringent and moisturizing, an effective cellular stimulant and skin toner.
    • Everlasting essential oil: This essential oil comes from Italy and is known for its astringent effect on the circulation, as well as its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps combat redness, broken veins and age spots, thus evening up skin tone.


*Ingrédient issu de l’agriculture biologique / produced by organic farming according to EU regulations.

**Dérivés des huiles essentielles / derivatives from essential oil

SENSE : Place some drops of oil on your fingers, rub the fingers of both hands together to warm the oil slightly and inhale the fragrance deeply.

NOURRISH / COMMUNICATE :Apply the oil to your face using both hands. Your palms should be fully in contact with your face. Gently press your hands to your skin. Pamper yourself.

SENSE : finish by inhaling the fragrance from your palms. Our formulations and methods are designed to optimize their effectiveness on physical and mental wellbeing. Wait for one minute before applying your cream.

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