Green Yuzu... Eau de Parfum

A fresh perfume, citrus touches, summer perfume, it is suitable for both women and men.

NB: The perfumes and candles, from the range "well-being", are the only products of the brand that are not organic but they have been made in the respect of the Greenpeace Charter on Fragrances. 

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The yuzu is a citrus of Chinese origin that the Japanese appreciate particularly. We asked Raphaël Haury, young and talented "nose" to create us this eau de perfume fresh and light that will accompany us throughout the day.  Green Yuzu belongs to the family of musky fruity hesperides. 

This eau de parfum, like the whole CHO range, is meant to respect your health and nature, which is why we asked Raphaël Haury to develop this perfume in compliance with the recommendations of Green Peace. 

Capacity: 50 ml

 The top notes, the ones you perceive straight away, are mandarin, bergamot and litsea. The middle notes, which emerge just as the top notes have evaporated after twenty minutes, are peach, plum and cardamom. Finally the base notes, which stay with you for hours during the day and on into the night, are oakmoss and musk. This eau de parfum, just like the entire C.H.O. range, is intended to respect your health and the environment, which is why we asked Raphaël Haury to develop this perfume in keeping with the recommendations of Greenpeace.


SENSE : breathe in deeply from the spray head of your perfume bottle and let the fragrance transport you.

COMMUNICATE : spray the perfume directly onto your skin at the warmest points – behind your earlobes, on the inner wrists, between your breasts.

SENSE : breathe in deeply once more from the spray head of your perfume bottle. Wait for one minute, and you will be ready to leave a delicate trace of your signature fragrance everywhere you go. One should use perfume “wherever one wants to be kissed” said Coco Chanel, … or take Marilyn Monroe’s advice and go to bed wearing nothing but a few drops of ….GREEN YUZU…


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J'adore ce parfum ❤️ !! Une très belle découverte

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