Tuto Huile de Beauté Contour des Yeux
21 September

Tuto Huile de Beauté Contour des Yeux

Promised, due, here is a tutorial on how to use CHO Nature eye contour oil correctly!

Warning: our eye contour oil is extremely powerful, so it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow our advice for use (unless you want to have shiny and swollen eyes ...!)

For the video, it's here: see the video


How to use

1 ° / 1 drop = 2 contours


Use only one to two drops, for the driest skin, of our oil to make your two eye contours and no more! One drop is enough per use. The skin under the eye is very thin, so there is no need to drown it because it will quickly saturate and you will get an oily and shiny result that you will not like.

2 ° / Application along the orbital bone and crow's feet

photo 3

So place a single drop of oil on one of your index fingers and with the second index rub the drop so as to distribute it over both fingers.

Breathe in your hands to activate all the benefits of aromatherapy.

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Place your index fingers (one index under each contour) along the suborbital bone (under the ring / pocket). Then go up to the crow's feet, patting and smoothing to allow the oil to penetrate more quickly. You can also apply it on the upper eyelid, or under the eyebrow.

3 ° / Above all, do not go up under the eye: stay below the ring / pocket

The oil rises very quickly by capillary action, which means that if you put it too close to the eye, it will get in. In other words, instead of reducing the ring or the pocket, there will be… a big pocket! So apply the oil under the ring or pocket.

4 ° / Effects visible after 10 min

The first effects will appear after 10 min (allow between 10 min and 30 min depending on the person): your eyes will be soothed, relaxed. The bags or dark circles will be absorbed. Fine lines disappeared, wrinkles reduced. A guaranteed healthy glow!

Frequency of use

To be applied preferably in the morning for its anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness effect and in the evening for its anti-wrinkle effect.

You can put on your makeup after 5 minutes.


This oil has immediate effects on bags and dark circles of fatigue, it is however less effective on those from birth ...