Notre engagement pour l'entreprenariat au féminin
06 March

Notre engagement pour l'entreprenariat au féminin

International Women's Day (according to the official name of the UN), also known as International Women's Rights Day, particularly in France, is celebrated on March 8.

Like every year, CHO is associated with this event.

I've been working for women's rights for more than 20 years now.

Activism can take different forms: demonstrations, protests, writing ... There are many fights: respect for rights, fight against violence against women, respect for equal wages, freedom to decide for oneself, freedom to dispose of one's body …

Each and everyone freely chooses the tool that will allow them to implement this activism.

I am convinced that our freedom always requires autonomy, sometimes independence. My life path followed this conviction. For more than 20 years I have embarked on this path, my tool was entrepreneurship: president of the Femmes Cheffes d'Entreprises de Lille, I created a competition (They create in Nord Pas de Calais) to support women creators of companies. With other friends, convinced like me that entrepreneurship was a path for young people too, we created Entreprendre pour Apprendre en Nord Pas de Calais. I also joined a PLURAL INITIATIVES association where we support young women from all walks of life in their business creation project. I had met Fatiha Legzouli, the founder of the association, when she had the project. She is a sincere, passionate woman, even crazier than I yet on female entrepreneurship. A generous woman who has found her voice and who gives a lot. Unfortunately this is not an easy fight, Plural Initiatives had to stop after twenty years. Fatiha, always present, put together a LITTLE BIG WOMEN * association and fights every day to keep her project alive. Fatiha knows that autonomy and independence are the keys to freedom for all women without exception. So true to my initial convictions, I decided to help support Fatiha in her fight: to empower women to achieve their freedom. With values ​​that speak to me: SOLIDARITY, SHARING, SUPPORT, SUPPORT, ACCOMPANIMENT, HUMILITY…

CHO will therefore be celebrating women again this year. There will be two gifts one so that all women can have fun. And the other to help Fathia reach her goal.

All day March 8, 2020 (until midnight):

-20% on the whole site
10% of the turnover made on the site on March 8 will be donated to LITTLE BIG WOMEN

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