the benefits of sleep on the skin
05 February

the benefits of sleep on the skin

Sleep is often the first victim of lack of time. With our current lifestyles, we don't always manage to do everything we want in a day and, in general, the first to suffer is our sleep. However, it coordinates a multitude of benefits for the body and the mind. You will understand, if you want beautiful skin, even if you use a complete routine with quality products (like ours ;) ), you will have to sleep a little more.

In addition to unsightly dark circles, the risk of making nights too short or sleeplessness are: dull complexion, pimples and loss of elasticity of the skin (it will thus appear older).
But why does sleep have such an important impact on it?
First of all, it is important to know that the skin follows a circadian chronobiology. This means that for 24 hours, it will have different actions and functions. Indeed, skin cells change their behavior depending on the brightness they can detect.
During the day, your skin will protect the epidermis from external aggressions. To do this, the cells tighten and are smaller. This action makes the skin waterproof and limits its loss of hydration and the negative effects of these attacks.
Once night falls, the skin lays down its arms and reconstitutes itself so that it can play its role effectively the next day. Thanks to an increase in the rate of blood and lymphatic circulation and an increase in cell multiplication, she will have the energy necessary to replace the cells in direct contact with the external elements which died during the day with new cells. The skin regenerates. The evening is the ideal time to apply care to your skin. This is when its hydrolipid barrier, this famous shield that protects you during the day, is the weakest and the epidermis opens. It then becomes receptive to the active ingredients present in cosmetics.
When an individual has a bad night's sleep or doesn't get enough sleep, their body is not given the opportunity to do their job. Blood and lymphatic tissue circulate more slowly. This poor circulation results in the appearance of a colored ring and puffiness appears due to water retention under the eyes. Cell renewal is more difficult. This will make it harder for your skin to play its protective role during the day and will be more sensitive to external aggressions. For example, cold and wind can cause skin dryness and dehydration. All these attacks (wind, cold, atmospheric pollution, UV, blue light, limestone, etc.) contribute to the aging of the epidermis. As the skin is less efficient at doing its job, there is going to be an accumulation of dead cells which will be, in part, responsible for the lack of radiance of your complexion.
So that your skin is ready to respond to its protective function. It is recommended to sleep between 7h and 9h for a young adult or an adult. However, we do not all have the same needs. Some will feel rested after having slept 6 hours and others will still be tired after a night of 9h. The most important thing is to find the number of hours that is right for you so that you feel rested when you wake up. It is also preferable to keep the same bedtime and the same time for waking up, because having a regular rhythm will ensure a certain stability for your body and will help it to respond effectively to its needs.
Even if it will never replace a good night's sleep, cosmetics remain a good support to ensure your skin in its daily tasks and can accompany it in some of its functions.
To help it remove dead skin, we offer the light scrub with acai and guarana grains. It’s a fluffy scrub that will gently remove impurities and dead cells. For its use, we advise you to apply it on the whole face and leave it on for two minutes. Then, with dry hands, you can massage your face in circular motions. The mask will take off your impurities by fluffing.
To restore radiance and a plump appearance to your skin, the hydrating radiance mask is the ideal ally. The clay (bentonite) present inside facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients. Rich in low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and geranium essential oil, it will promote hydration and cellular regeneration of your skin. It is left on your face for 10 minutes and is easily removed with water.
For dark circles, you can use the oil around the eyes concealer, anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkle. It contains active ingredients like calophyllum oil, rosehip oil and German chamomile essential oil which fight against dark circles and puffiness. If you don't like oily textures or have sensitive skin, don't hesitate to try the eye cream. This treatment will surely suit you better.To improve the protection of your skin you can use floral mists. Our floral mist for all skin types is composed entirely of witch hazel floral water and green tea, it has hydrating, antipollution, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions. It will tone and help your skin to fight against external aggressions.
In this article, we talk only about the benefits of sleep on the skin and there are many others that relate to your physical, your health or your mind. For example, sleep strengthens the immune system and improves memory. So think about it before you launch the third successive episode of YOU tonight. Take care of yourself.