Pregnant women, CHO Nature and essential oils
14 February

Pregnant women, CHO Nature and essential oils

CHO Nature offers natural and organic care products, most of which contain vegetable oils and essential oils. Generally when you are pregnant, you are advised against essential oils to avoid any misunderstanding.

In reality, all essential oils are not forbidden to pregnant women, only some are.

How to know?

All our products (as required by the European regulation) have passed toxicological tests (in vitro) to know their toxicity on the body. These tests are obviously based on the ingredients contained in the product but also on the% of each ingredient (because some ingredients in small quantities can be no problem while in larger quantities, they can be a problem). They also look at the amount of product used per application and the frequency of use of the product (per day, week, etc.). The results of these tests tell us, among other things, whether the product is suitable for pregnant women or not.

If the product is not suitable, we are obliged to indicate it on the packaging. Thus, if nothing is indicated on this subject, the product is authorized. On our site, you will find more for each product these symbols:


Specifically, at home, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you can use all our products with the exception of 5 of them:

- evening milk

- the nourishing and soothing evening cream

- Combination and oily skin beauty oil

- mature skin beauty oil

- beauty oil after sun

For the rest, be it the eye contour, the hydratense serum or the cleansing oil (to name just a few examples), there is no risk for you and your baby.
If you have a doubt or a question, do not hesitate to contact us by mail, phone or social networks.
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