10 reasons to choose CHO Nature by Marine
29 January

10 reasons to choose CHO Nature by Marine

Marine, one of our loyal customers for almost a year, sent us this text to share with us her reasons for using CHO. Touched by her words, we wanted to share them with you and thank her from the bottom of our hearts!

Taking care of yourself is not just about eating or practicing yoga every day. Taking care of oneself also concerns one's skin, the routine one imposes on it. Whether you are 30 or 50 years old, our skin must be respected and pampered. After all, she is our reflection.

A few months ago, curious about the composition so natural, I became interested in CHO NATURE.

Commitments are at the heart of this brand ... so after a few months of use, can I confirm them?

1- I was immediately bewitched by the smell of the products ... a healthy, natural smell but also that makes us more woman. The assembly of the different oils used gives confidence and confidence to all those who use them.

2- Besides the healthy smell, the composition is just as good! As a woman, I like to know what I'm doing to my skin: sesame oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, hazelnut oil, argan oil, geranium oil ... transparent about their composition, the commitment of bio and healthy is required!

3- It is always difficult for a woman to change routine: if only for taking risks but also because our skin does not appreciate that we change his habits. Unlike the products I used, I really understood the difference between cleansed skin and deep cleansed skin. The scrub and make-up remover offer a total cleansing, even if you have to let two three buttons escape the first days ... a little like a detox J

4- Speaking of routine ... CHO allowed me to adopt one. Finally ! Thanks to their textures (oils and creams), I take pleasure in the morning to prepare my skin for the day, and the evening to cleanse and soothe it. In the same way as smells, textures are delicate and comforting

5- I am more and more anxious to know the origin of my habits: they are food or aesthetic. One more reason to love CHO NATURE: the products are created in a laboratory, in Grasse. The founders are completely transparent and offer a production respectful of the environment, as global as it can be. And that ... we love it!

6- Bio, healthy, respectful ... CHO remains an upmarket brand ... although for organic products, I find you reasonable ladies. Purchased 8 months ago, my oil concealer is still in my bathroom ... unlike the concealer of my mom who has emptied in 4 months. 15 euros separated our two products (that of my mom being the cheapest). I also want to clarify that my oil after sun accompanies me since May 2018! I let you deduce the value for money by yourself;)

7- Unlike some brands that I tested, each CHO product has a meaning, a universe, a reason for use ...

8- Which allows each woman to find her way: not dry, mixed, fat, men, women, pregnant women, mature skin, young, problem, trouble-free, summer, winter: CHO accompanies us in every step of our life and that of our skin. What's more reassuring? Especially when you travel a lot, like me, and our skin undergoes many changes ...

9- Just talking about travel, is not it nice to be able to take all its beauty products in his toilet bag without making a suitcase? Thank you ladies for thinking about the size of your containers! Thanks to that, I can embark my beauty routine everywhere with me!

10- You have understood, I am seduced by the products ... but I have also been by the story of the brand: A mother and daughter who develop the family business, sharing the same values ​​... J love what emerges from your accomplice universe.

Commitments held ladies! My skin and I thank you!

By Marine of Madame a un truc à dire

Photo credit: theworldofmasha