CHO facial treatments available in beauty salon and spa :

"Freshen Up"

Duration : 20 minutes

Objective : Discover CHO treatments and products

Promise : At the end, the skin is dazzling, radiant and plumped.

"Eyes Contour" 

Duration : 30 minutes

Objective : Offer a special treatment for the eyes contour, when we need to erase tiredness and stress.  

Promise : At the end, the look is rested, dark circles are a lot lighter and bags are deflated.

"Beauty & Relax"

Duration : 60 minutes

Objective : Offer one hour of complete relaxation and energy for mind and skin.

Promise :  at the end, you are absolutely zen, muscles are loosen, skin is radiant and plumped. 


Duration : 120 minutes

Objective : Offer a real treatment against wrinkle, developed with a practitioner in Chinese medicine. It permits the revitalization of the through the stimulation of collagen production and wrinkles reduction. 

Promise : at the end, the skin has been transformed. You are visually younger. The effects last a very long time if the treatment is done as a cure and it last a few days if not.