Our philosophy of healthy and beauty :

Whole products are designed according to the same way :

  •        A selection of raw materials of exceptional quality: one of us is in charged of the raw material sourcing
  •        Oils, butters and floral waters from organic agriculture: our sourcing is the most organic possible because we think the respect of Nature is an absolute necessity for our children and us.
  •        The use of ultra pure water, for cream and milk, allows us to control the molecules added in our products
  •        Very high quality essential oils, matched and dosed with the aim of maximizing their physical, mental and olfactory efficiency. 
  •        Attractive packaging that please you. 

Triple will :

o   Guarantee that our products are free of :

  •   PERFUME (except those derived from essential oils)

o   No animal testing

o   Use the gentlest, most natural preservatives possible.

Our manufactures are made according to the Good Manufacturing Practices based system ISO 22716 

From the beginning we wanted to master the quality of our products. We created our own laboratory to manage the raw materials quality, the production time reactivity, the freshness of our products. Settled in North of France at the beginning, we moved in the French Riviera (in Grasse) then to get closer from our suppliers and the raw materials competence center. 

We’ve always been meeting our own requirements specification, which are so demanding by customers today :

  •        Safety and healthy products
  •        A real efficiency of the products
  •        Pleasure and well being at each use
  •        Complete transparency on formula 

Our will is to formulate skincare products to assist women as far as possible in their beauty and nature’s seek. Our ambition is to create two new products every year in order to answer these expectations.