A natural and organic CHO beauty routine for combination and dehydrated skin

This type of skin is certainly one of the most pleasant: your skin is comfortable and has very few problems (few pimples, no hypersensitivity, no feeling of tightness or significant discomfort) and in addition your skin marks less with the effects of time. On the other hand, it must seem complicated to you to find the right routine adapted to your type of skin, capricious according to the areas of the face.

By definition, combination skin is different skin on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) from the rest of the face (cheeks). Usually the T zone is fatter and the cheeks are fairly normal to dry or sensitive. No wonder it's complicated to manage;)

So that got me thinking, how can I recommend the most suitable CHO routine for your skin? We all tend to think of ourselves as having combination skin. That's right, do you know a lot of people who have perfectly even skin all over their face? It does happen, but it is rare. And unfortunately with age (from 21 years old) the skin becomes dehydrated, which is why even combination skin can be dehydrated. To best treat your skin, you have to know if your skin is fairly normal or rather oily.

According to this principle, we consider that there are two types of combination skin:

  • Normal to combination skin: it is generally normal but in some places it is more oily.
  • Combination to oily skin: it is generally oily but in some places it becomes dehydrated

Normal to combination skin is mainly normal skin which, in the T zone, has difficulty regulating its sebum secretion. Thus, the skin texture is rather fine except on the T zone where it is slightly more irregular: the skin shines a little, the pores are slightly more open and it may occasionally encounter a few localized pimples. The difference between the two areas exists but it is small.

Combination to oily skin corresponds to predominantly oily skin which in certain places is dehydrated (the cheeks). Thus the skin texture is quite irregular. On the T zone the pores are visibly dilated and the skin shines, we often meet pimples here and there. The difference between the two areas is more marked.

To understand, take a good look at yourself in a mirror in daylight, not made up. See if your skin is shining, a little, a lot? See if your skin texture is generally smooth or irregular. Check to see if your pores on your nose or between the eyebrows are very large (clearly visible) or slightly visible. If you have any doubts, write to us at contact@cho-nature.com.

The most important thing when taking care of your combination skin is to always remember that you should not harm your skin. It takes gentleness. If your skin feels assaulted, it will produce more sebum, the result will be shinier skin, larger pores and more pimples. This is why we favor soft textures, oils and why we do not use alcohol (ethanol) in any of our products.

Here is our CHO routine, natural and organic, made in France for combination and dehydrated skin in general:

1. Make-up removal & cleansing: The most important gesture before starting any routine: freeing the skin of all traces of make-up and impurities to accommodate the care that you are about to give it.

Organic cleansing care milk (Cosmébio and Cosmos Organic labeled): it is composed of tea tree essential oil to cleanse and sanitize the skin at the same time. We love its very fresh lemongrass scent.

Organic cleansing care oil (Cosmébio & Cosmos Organic): for the most stubborn make-up, it rinses very easily with water but has no sanitizing action.

Floral mist for all skin types: with floral water of witch hazel and green tea, this mist is used to finish cleansing the skin, to remove traces of lime and to protect against pollution and dust.

2. Exfoliation (once every two weeks): a good regular exfoliation will help tighten the pores and mattify the complexion.

The light scrub: this very soft fluffy scrub deeply exfoliates the skin and leaves skin soft and smooth.

3. Hydration:

The hydrating serum (cosmébio and cosmos natural). Composed of hyaluronic acid, it fights against dehydration and the signs of aging. We recommend that you mix it in the morning with your beauty oil in the palm of your hand before applying it in order to get the most of all its benefits.

The hydrating shine mask with hyaluronic acid, to be done once every two weeks after the exfoliation. It boosts the skin in hydration to restore suppleness and radiance

4. Treatment: our organic beauty oils (cosmébio and cosmos organic), to be used alone or in addition to the hydratense serum and the hydra protect cream

Combination and oily skin beauty oil: it will regulate the sebaceous gland, gently sanitize the skin, help healing and moisturize it in order to tighten the pores, limit the appearance of pimples and mattify the skin. To be preferred for combination to oily skin from 20 years old.

Normal skin beauty oil for normal to combination skin from 30/35 years old: it will provide hydration and the first anti-aging active ingredients necessary to restore radiance and a fine, smooth skin texture.

Ideally, apply combination oil and oily skin to the T-zone and normal skin oil to the cheeks. You can also alternate seasonally: combination skin oil for hot seasons and normal skin oil for cold seasons.

5. Hydra Protect cream: moisturizing and mattifying

For ages 20 and up, use alone for people with normal to combination skin
From 30 years old, over combination oil and oily skin and hydratense serum

If you had to retain only the essential treatments for this routine:

You are 20 years old and have normal to combination skin: hydra protect cream
You are 20 years old and have combination to oily skin: combination and oily skin beauty oil
You are 30 years old and have normal to combination skin: serum + hydra protect cream
You are 30 years old and have combination to oily skin: serum + beauty oil for combination and oily skin
You are 35 years old (and over) and have normal to combination skin: serum + beauty oil for normal skin
You are 35 years old (and over) and combination to oily skin: serum + beauty oil for combination and oily skin + hydra protect

You can find in duo offer the serum and beauty oils: the hydration synergy and earn 25 € reduction by buying them together

photo credit : Lora Barra

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