Beauty Oil After Sun

Enhance your skin and tan with our after-sun beauty oil. A synergy of vegetable oils and essential oils to calm, soothe and nourish your skin after exposure. Let yourself be carried away by its delicate scent of lavender, geranium rosat and lemongrass ...

Your best ally to keep your tan longer!

This product is 100% natural.

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Designed to prevent premature aging of the skin in the sun, our after-sun beauty oil repairs, nourishes, soothes and soothes your skin after exposure.

We have concocted this gentle care composed of St. John's wort oil with soothing virtue, argan oil with nourishing and restorative virtues and lemon grass essential oil for its anti-inflammatory and soothing psychologically action.

A feeling of well-being invade you at each use. Soothing and nourishing the skin is sublimated and the tan glowing

This oil can also be used on insect bites to soothe and relieve you immediately.

This product is 100% natural.

Capacity: 30 ml

Argan oil : Known as ‘The Oil of 100 Virtues’, argan oil is a true beauty elixir. Berber women have passed down this beauty secret and its capabilities from generation to generation. Argan oil is ideal for combating skin dryness. It softens the epidermis and helps prevent skin ageing caused by extreme weather conditions (sun, wind, cold, etc.).

Sweet almond oil : The tree grows in the plateaus and mountains of Western Asia. The oil is perfectly adapted to even the most delicate skin. It softens and tones, has a smooth texture, with calming properties and is very gentle on the skin.

Hypericum oil : This is truly a ‘total vegetal complex’, also known as St. John’s Wort oil, and has been used since ancient times. It is valued for its soothing qualities and anti-inflammatory action against over-exposure to the sun and burns.

Vitamin E is a recognized antioxidant, helps to delay skin ageing and ensures the stability of cellular structures.Premium

Lavender essential oil : Lavender essential oil is our beauty and well-being ally. In aromatherapy, lavender is the flower representing relaxation and rest. Its soothing action on skin exposed to the sun acts in synergy with Hypericum (St. John’s Wort) oil.

Geranium essential oil was selected for its healing action. It also serves to boost the effects of other essential oils and has a pleasant fragrance. Geranium essential oil is widely used in cosmetics, notably for its cellular regenerative (anti-wrinkle) properties and its beneficial effect on acne and spots.

Lemon Verbena essential oil : Its light and lemony fragrance makes this one of the finest essential oils on the market. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and soothes irritations caused by exposure to the sun.

Lemon grass essential oil: Not only does it have a refreshing lemon fragrance, this oil tones the skin and has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties.



*Ingrédient issu de l’agriculture biologique / produced by organic farming according to EU regulations.

**Dérivés des huiles essentielles / derivatives from essential oil

SENSE : Place some drops of oil on your fingers, rub the fingers of both hands together to warm the oil slightly and inhale the fragrance deeply.

NOURRISH / COMMUNICATE : Apply the oil to your face using both hands. Your palms should be fully in contact with your face. Gently press your hands to your skin. Pamper yourself.

SENSE : finish by inhaling the fragrance from your palms. Our formulations and methods are designed to optimize their effectiveness on physical and mental wellbeing. Wait for one minute before applying your cream.

A la plus belle

Nul ne l'a vue et, dans mon coeur, 
Je garde sa beauté suprême ; 
(Arrière tout rire moqueur !) 
Et morte, je l'aime, je l'aime.

J'ai consulté tous les devins, 
Ils m'ont tous dit : " C'est la plus belle ! " 
Et depuis j'ai bu tous les vins 
Contre la mémoire rebelle.

Oh ! ses cheveux livrés au vent ! 
Ses yeux, crépuscule d'automne ! 
Sa parole qu'encor souvent 
J'entends dans la nuit monotone.

C'était la plus belle, à jamais, 
Parmi les filles de la terre... 
Et je l'aimais, oh ! je l'aimais 
Tant, que ma bouche doit se taire.

J'ai honte de ce que je dis ; 
Car nul ne saura ni la femme,
Ni l'amour, ni le paradis 
Que je garde au fond de mon âme.

Que ces mots restent enfouis, 
Oubliés, (l'oubliance est douce)
Comme un coffret plein de louis 
Au pied du mur couvert de mousse.


la meilleure

La meilleure du monde ! Mon produit préféré C.H.O Nature

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