quartz rose roller

A massage and well-being tool, the main interest of the stone roller is to restore radiance to your skin. It performs drainage of the lymphatic system, which stimulates the circulation of lymph and detoxifies the body.

Recognized for its anti-aging properties, choose the rose quartz massage roller for smooth, radiant and firmed skin.

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Beauty secrets of Chinese women for millennia, natural stone rollers heal body and mind to make you more serene, more beautiful.

The benefits of a stone roller: you will find two parts, one for the contour of the eyes and the mouth and the other for the rest of the face. The stone roller tightens the pores of the skin, stimulates the circulation of lymph, detoxifies the body and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Choose rose quartz to fight against the signs of aging.

In lithiotherapy, rose quartz, the stone of love and appeasement, has a strong emotional value. She thus brings an essential element around her: self-love. It is also known to reduce tension and stress.

From a physical point of view, its effects are also important: anti-aging stone, it heals, stimulates the circulatory system and cell renewal.

Rediscover smooth, radiant and firmed skin.

PS: this naturally cold stone will gently wake up your skin and tighten your skin texture.

Natural rose quartz stone from Brazil. Zinc alloy frame.

rose quartz

Use at least 5 minutes a day.

If you use an oil and / or serum:

On clean skin, apply your serum and / or oil normally. Then use your rose quartz roller starting with the large side on the entire face. Start with the neck or lower face and then go up to the forehead. Always make upward movements (from the bottom up) and from the inside to the outside of the face. Then use the short side to contour the eyes and lips.

If you do not use oil:

On clean and cleansed skin, use your roll directly before putting your cream in the same process as before.

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